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Christmas 2023

Featured Artists BMAG Board Members


Meet BMAG Board of Directors

Mary Flerchinger ` President

Linda McKeirnan ~ Vice President

Laurel King  Treasurer

Kris Klaveano ~ Secretary

Carol Wildman ~ Director Emeritus

Meagan Tennent ~ Director

Vonni Mulrony ~ Grant Writer

Suzanne Grove ~ Reception Chairman

Christmas 2023 18.jpg
Christmas 2023 33.jpg

We are having a raffle from now to Dec. 1 st. It will be at the Craft Fair at Spinners Hall on Nov. 10 &11. Friday 11 to 6 pm and Saturday 8:30 to 4 pm and at the BMAG the rest of the time. Pick a stocking and receive that prize.  Tickets are 1.00!

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